Spree-Dahme - rich lakelands for water sports enthusiasts

The water sports region Spree-Dahme covers the entire area of waters in southeast Brandenburg and extends in a wide arc from Berlin’s southeast city boundary to the “lakescape” of the Oder-Spree and Dahme Lake District and then down to the Spreewald. The Spree River and its tributary, the Dahme River, form and flow through various chains of lakes and even enable access by water to the larger lakes that are so popular with sailors. Canoeists can also find idyllic stretches of water here. In fact, many are reserved for the exclusive use of muscle-powered traffic! Motor boaters might like to know that several stretches in this area do not require a watercraft driving licence. This concerns, for example, the Dahme Waterway, the Rüdersdorf Waters, as well as the Spree-Oder Canal.

At the point where Berlin-Köpenick ends, the Dahme Lake District begins. With over 70 lakes, rivers and canals, it is a true Eldorado for water sports enthusiasts. Across long lakes and past Königs Wusterhausen with its famous castle, your journey takes you through a diverse landscape. Large parts of the area belong to the Dahme Heath Lakes Nature Park, the habitat of many rare animal and plant species.

At the Prieros water crossing you are presented with a choice: to bear either to starboard, towards the calm waters of Teupitz, or towards port, through the waters of Storkow to Scharmützel Lake that the German novelist and poet Theodor Fontane fondly referred to as “Brandenburg Sea”. It is a paradise for sailors as its 1370 hectares of water and the excellent wind conditions are the ideal prerequisites for a thrilling journey on the water. Moreover, the famous spa town Bad Saarow is located right on its banks.

Further to the south, on the Dahme Canal, there is direct access to the UNESCO Spreewald biosphere reserve. However, like parts of the Müggelspree and Alte Oder, this inland delta of around 300 currents, canals and water jumps is reserved for the sole use of canoeists. Paddling through a labyrinthine network of waterways takes you past alluvial and alder marsh forests, and past romantic Spreewald localities shaped by Sorb culture.

If, on the other hand, you follow the Oder-Spree Canal at Schmöckwitz, yet another side of the Dahme-Spree region opens up. The journey takes you to the cathedral town of Fürstenwalde, before going south on the Spree to Schwieloch Lake. Sailors in particular have a good time here, because Brandenburg’s largest lake is renowned for its good wind conditions. However, those who stay on the Spree-Oder Canal will reach the Oder River via Eisenhüttenstadt. This is the boundary river between Poland and Germany. Sandbanks and river dams define the littoral area up to the twin town of Frankfurt/Slubice. Further in the direction of Küstrin the Oder River arcs through unspoilt river meadows, scattered woods at the water’s edge and the Oderbruch area. A multitude of abandoned meanders of the Oder await you here, ready to be explored by paddlers.


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