Lake Chiemsee Alpine Region

Lake Chiemsee in the Alps, fondly nicknamed the "Bavarian Sea", is a true paradise for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. The largest lake in Bavaria offers not only canoeing, rafting, bathing and water therapies, but also great opportunities for sailing and kite surfing.

In the southeast, Lake Chiemsee joins the river delta. It is part of the “Mündung der Tiroler Ache” Nature Reserve, which covers 1200 ha and is home to 260 bird species. The nature reserve itself is not open to visitors, but you are free to watch the birds from afar from the observation platforms.

To the northwest, where Lake Chiemsee and the Inn glacier meet, you’ll find the Eggstatt-Hemhof Lake District, the oldest nature reserve in Bavaria. When the ice caps melted, the melting ice created a total of 17 lakes in amongst the craters, hills and crests of rock debris. The three largest are Hart Lake, Langburgner Lake and Perlhamer Lake. As the ecosystem of the lakes is very sensitive to disturbances, water sports are limited to certain areas.


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