South German Waters - an aquatic paradise in Germany's South

The south of Germany offers activities aplenty for water sports fans. On Bavaria’s biggest lakes, Lake Chiemsee, there are superb opportunities for canoeing and rafting, bathing and water therapies, as well as sailing and kite surfing. The numerous large and small lakes in the Allgäu on the other hand create a unique panorama against the backdrop of the Alps. Canyon tours give daring climbing fans the chance to scale the impressive canyons, where they can swim, slide and abseil down waterfalls.

The Bavarian Forest is also home to unspoilt countryside and numerous scenic lakes, where those who like to explore by boat can enjoy the 107-km-long stretch from Blaibach Lake to Regensburg where it joins the Danube. In the ArberLand, the Big Arber Lake and the Little Arber Lake entice visitors with their geologically unique floating islands, which are formed from vegetation breaking away from the bank to float on the surface of the water.

The Ilz, one of the winding tributaries of the Danube, is one of the last white water rapids in eastern Bavaria. Over a distance of 1 km, white-water rafters can experience unspoilt scenery with a ride through the exhilarating torrents. Other highlights can be found in the Karwendel Alpine Park, the Altmühl Valley nature reserve and the Franconian Forest, as well as the two lakes – the Big and the Small Alp Lake in Oberstaufen.

Breathtaking canyons with waterfalls - in the Allgäu fans of all kinds of water sports will always get their money's worth, for example with a canyon tour.

The Karwendel Alpine Park is home to the Isar headwater - one of the most biodiverse wild river landscapes in Europe. The lakes in the area are great for swimming and perfect for exploration by rowing boat.

The ArberLand offers fantastic opportunities for anyone who likes to explore by boat. Canoe tours on the "Black Regen", an unspoilt river, offer both beginners and skilled canoeists an unforgettable experience.

The ideal location for water sports enthusiasts - with the longest water ski and wakeboard site in the world, white-water rapids and a canoeing paradise, the Bavarian Forest makes the perfect holiday destination.

Lake Chiemsee in the Alps, fondly nicknamed the "Bavarian Sea", is a true paradise for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. The largest lake in Bavaria offers not only canoeing, rafting, bathing and water therapies, but also great opportunities for sailing and kite surfing.

The Altmühl offers a taste of adventure and freedom in the nature reserve of the same name. It runs through the Altmühl Valley for a total of 152 km and is ideal for beginner canoeists and buccaneering families!

Life on the water in the Franconian Forest nature reserve revolves around the rafting tradition. These days, the wooden rafts offer tourists a tour of the narrow valley of the Wild Rodach.

All around the large lakes, water sports enthusiasts definitely get their money's worth! One of the most modern wakeboard and waterskiing facilities in Germany can be found on Steinberger Lake.

The Big Alp Lake and the Little Alp Lake offer water fans a real swimming paradise in the Oberstaufen region. They are also great for sailing, or why not hire a pedalo or rowing boat?



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