Have you ever had the urge to explore the countryside of the Mittelweser region by canoe? Would you like to forget the stress of everyday life for a few hours or even days? Would you like to allow yourself to be rejuvenated by nature or really awaken the spirit of adventure within yourself? Trips are possible on small as well as larger rivers, and canoe trips are offered by companies in the Mittelweser region for groups of all ages on the old Aller, the large Aue, the Siede, the Alpe, the Steinhuder Meerbach and the Weser. There is something for everyone on these two to five hour canoe trips. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, you can experience life on the Mittelweser waters. Even children can enjoy the trips: The canoe hirers have routes fit for children in their programmes.

During the trips there are many opportunities for sightseeing along the way, such as town bridges, weirs or churches, where you can take a break. Those providing the canoes can also help you get in and out of the water and many also provide tour-guided, driver and picnic service. At Steinhuder Meerbach between Rehburg and Brokeloh information is signposted for canoeists regarding the length of trips and drawing attention to the interesting features of the natural environment and rules or regulations for canoe hikers. Rest spots featuring seating areas are located at various junctions along the way, often where the canoe routes intersect bicycle paths.

For canoeists who prefer to go it alone, the Mittelweser-Touristik GmbH has provided a leaflet where all information regarding the water, staff members and relevant points of contact are listed. Sports boat enthusiasts also find information about guest mooring spots, the length of the river and jetties, about the riverside to moor on and mooring conditions such as floating jetties or wooden landing stages with pontoons, as well as the person to contact when landing.
Furthermore, the Mittelweser region also has plenty to offer on land and is sure to impress tourists with its characteristic landscape and picturesque villages as well as a variety of (cultural) events for young and old alike.


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