Vörde Lake

Besides the fact that Vörde Lake is a great place for fishing, it is also an idyllic area for sailing, surfing, rowing or pedaloing and only a stone’s throw from downtown Bremervörde. The bird sanctuary in the 45-hectare lake is a retreat area for native bird species. With a depth of approximately 2 metres and a length of 1,150 metres the lake is also an ideal venue for rowing regattas. The 4-km circular trail around the lake is an inspiration to relax, inviting hikers and gentle walkers to let their spirits flow.

Vörde Lake is the heart of the Bremervörde Nature and Adventure Park with its “World of Senses”, the “House of the Forest”, “Café Dunkel”, NABU Environmental Pyramid and various play and water landscapes for children.

If you would like to find out more about Vörde Lake, please contact the Bremervörde Tourist Information Centre.


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