The Lower Elbe ? challenging, charming, spectacular

From Hamburg to the North Sea: the maritime landscape of the Lower Elbe is considered the most exciting pleasure craft area, with a rich variety of harbours inviting you to moor there – rural anchoring places, lively city harbours and docks in the middle of enchanting old towns. The tides determine the rhythm, speed and even sometimes the destination on the Lower Elbe. The tide tables from the German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency is an important on-board companion in this area.

Berthing close to the city, mooring amid jewels of the sea or tethering cheek-by-jowl with nature

Downstream on the Elbe River, beyond the Hamburg metropolis with its bustling harbours, a multitude of pleasure boat and commercial ports line the Lower Elbe and its tributaries. From the historic Ewer harbour in the Kehdinger region to Europe’s largest tide-free pleasure boat harbour, the Wedel yacht harbour with approximately 2000 berths, the area has the right anchoring spot for every skipper. Ports in the middle of old towns with beautiful half-timbered buildings and cosy cafes, such as Stade, Buxtehude and Glückstadt give pleasure boaters the opportunity to leap directly from the boat into the hurly-burly of the picturesque small town. Even the most energetic of skippers can moor up in small village harbours like Kollmar, where beyond the historic steamboat crossing quaint half-timbered houses peek over the dike, or in the sandy beaches of the harbour at Hetling. Mooring in one of the cosy reedy inlets along the Haseldorf Binnenelbe puts you at the heart of pure wilderness. Pleasure boaters can cast anchor between jewels of the sea in the harbours of Oevelgönne, Finkenwerder, Stade, Wischhafen and in Hamburg’s Sandtorhafen. A multitude of historic ships lie at anchor here, ready for inspection and chartering. If you are planning a visit to the ship welcoming station at Schulau, you should moor up next door at the jetty in Schulau’s harbour, and close to Hamburg City there is even a small yacht harbour, the City Sporthafen Hamburg.

Diverse destinations for tempting shore leave

Amid the maritime landscape of the Lower Elbe, wonderful examples of maritime traditions are waiting to be discovered by you: the entire region is lighthouse country – nowhere else do so many diverse lighthouses dot the landscape along the broad marshlands and moorlands. Charming museums and lovingly restored old ships give visitors vivid insights into the maritime history of the area, while numerous maritime festivals along the Lower Elbe punctuate the year: harbour anniversaries, fish markets, shanty choir festivals, herring season, and much, much more! The Lower Elbe House of Maritime Region in Grünendeich (Altes Land) is a useful drop-in point for information. Visitors here can pick up valuable tips for experiencing the Lower Elbe region. Rotating exhibitions, a captain’s bridge with nautical instruments from different eras and the model of the Lower Elbe that visitors can walk on are all enticing incentives to linger a while. The curious can find further information about the maritime landscape of the Lower Elbe, as well as tour suggestions and an extensive events calendar on the internet, at:


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