Uelzen - Westerweyhe

On the Ilmenau River, the Gerdau River and the Elbe Lateral Canal canoeists can experience the unspoilt heathlands of the Uelzen-Westerweyhe area. The rural idyll is only interrupted in a few places by urban structures and offers ideal conditions to observe the abundant wealth of flora and fauna in their natural habitat. The Gerdau, a delicate heath river, is only navigable with light vessels and small groups. In return, the spectator is rewarded with idyllic sceneries, on the water and along the banks.

The tour on the Ilmenau River takes you through Uelzen, past the Ratsteich, a picturesque pond with a water fountain, along the Ilmenau meadows to the boat slip at the Außenmühle, a massive timber frame construction on the outskirts of Uelzen. Leaving Uelzen behind, the river carries canoeists past Bronze Age graves all the way to Emmendorf. After some time, an impressive bridge dominates the scenery with steep steps leading up to the imposing Elbe Lateral Canal. The greatest biodiversity with partially wooded areas on the water’s edge is concentrated in the littoral zone. After a lightly meandering course and several distinct river bends you approach the camping sites Melbeck and Rote Schleuse. The 1000-year-old salt town of Lüneburg is only a stone’s throw from here.


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