Stör - Holstein Pasturelands

Whether beginner or experienced canoeist, water enthusiasts are offered an abundant choice of canoe trips in the Stör-Holstein Pasturelands (north)west of Hamburg with 250 kilometres of waterways. The natural streams embedded in the pasture landscape wind their way through indigenous woodland and give you the impression that you are traversing a jungle. Occasionally, canoeist will have to duck their heads passing under tree trunks lying across the streams.

The Stör River is the largest Elbe tributary in Northern Germany. From the Elbe River far into the inland the Stör River and its tributary streams are a paradise for canoeists. If you follow the meandering streams of the Bramau or the Osterau River through lush pasturelands and explore the extensive coastal moorlands and marshlands of the Wilster Au, Bekau and Kremper Au, you will experience an unforgettable canoe trip.

Worthwhile destinations on land:

Itzehoe, Glückstadt an der Elbe, the North Sea


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