The Este in Buxtehude

The traditional Hanseatic harbour town of Buxtehude is a tide-dependent landing stage for passenger ships and motor launches and thus is often the departure point for trips on the Este or the Elbe. In the middle of the historical old town, you encounter the Fleth, the oldest artificial inner-city harbour in northern Europe. The historic Ewer Margaretha is also anchored here.
Many motor boats and passenger ships travel along the Elbe and Este Rivers to Buxtehude. And those who have made the trip by boat to or from Buxtehude all agree that a tour is well worth it. The trip on the Este begins in the harbour just a few feet away from the picturesque centre of Buxtehude’s old town. The river bordered by dykes winds through reeds and meadows towards Estebrügge. Here, the river runs straight through the town, where the closely packed houses are often only separated from the banks by tiny gardens.
Once past Estebrügge, the Este expands. Here small fruit plantations can be seen along the outer dykes. In some places the ornate gables of the typical old-style farm houses tower above the dyke. Cranz is the next stop on the list and, shortly afterwards at the Sietas shipyard, rich in tradition and yet modern, ship builders working can be observed. The shipyard is not only the oldest in Germany, but it is also one of the oldest in the world. From the Este flood barrier the river merges with the Elbe.
There are many tours on offer in the tranquil old town, and information about the town, including a map and list of interesting sights, can be found in a free city guide available at Tourist Information Centre.

The Buxtehude water sports club

The facilities of “BWV-Hansa”, the water sports club on the Este, have a capacity of 35 mooring sites. They are intended for dinghies, flat-bottomed sailing boats and motor boats that can be used in shallow waters. Free mooring spots are marked with a green sign and the date. If necessary, ask the harbour master. At the guest facilities at the front of Buxtehude Harbour, there is space for approximately eight to ten boats with a maximum length of 10 m and a maximum draught of 1.3 m. On the quayside larger sailing boats, launches and passenger ships can moor (maximum length 25 m, width 5.5 m and draught 1.5 m). Low tide is 40 cm below mean sea level at this part of Buxtehude Harbour.
Ships with a draught of more than 80 cm should tolerate lying dry. Bathroom facilities, water and electricity are also provided.


Wassersportverein Hansa e.V. - Buxtehude

BWV Hansa
Am Hafen 5
Postfach 11 30