Bremervörde Harbour and the Lower Oste

Until the 1970s, Bremervörde Harbour was Europe’s largest port of transhipment for ‘Stackbusch’, shrubbery used for the building of dykes and reinforcement of the North Sea coast. Today it is the last navigable tide-dependent harbour on the Lower Oste and is considered a hidden gem amongst boating enthusiasts. Bremervörder Harbour lies approximately 68 km from the Elbe at Neuhaus and can be reached with the rising tide in approximately six hours. From Neuhaus to Bremervörde, the Lower Oste meanders between green dykes and reeds, orchards and grasslands, through a tranquil countryside dotted with idyllic villages.

From Bremervörde Harbour all the way along the Lower Oste, the Elbe and the Kiel Canal to the Kiel Fjord, the “Deutsche Fährstraße” invites you to a unique tour of discovery. Along the 250 km there are over 50 opportunities to cross the water: ferries, bridges, tunnels, locks and flood barriers, as well as numerous maritime treasures. If you would like to find out more about Bremervörde Harbour and the "Deutsche Fährstraße", please contact the Bremervörde Tourist Information Centre.


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