Bentheim County also presents an opportunity to enjoy nature from the water. Canoe trips are offered on both the Dinkel and Vechte Rivers, from the city of Nordhorn on the tour boats “Vechtestromer” and “Vechtesonne”and in the surrounding area on the Ems-Vechte Canal on the passenger ship Hanekenfähr. If you’d like to be behind the wheel of a boat yourself, you can hire boats at Vechte Lake in Nordhorn, or simply take part in sailing courses there.

Water sports enthusiasts have plenty of opportunities on the Ems-Vechte Canal, the Nordhorn-Almelo Canal and other assorted stretches of water in and around Nordhorn. Between 1st May and 30th September boats with a maximum length of 12 metres and width of 6.5 metres are allowed on the Ems-Vechte Canal. Boats with a maximum length of five metres and width of 1.5 metres are allowed on the canals of Nordhorn.

Nordhorn, which is surrounded by canals and the Vechte River, has much more to offer on land. Brouse through the “shopping island”. Discover the art and culture of the area in the “Povelturm”town museum or in the “Alte Weberei”(old weaving mill) with its exhibition of textiles. The Nordhorn Zoo and the monastery at Frenswegen are also popular destinations for excursions. Nordhorn is also the starting point of a route lined with pieces of art. Cross-border cycle paths display over 60 works of art from internationally renowned artists. The surrounding area can be easily explored by bicycle, or, as the locals say, “auf der Fietse” – an unmistakable reference to the proximity of the Netherlands (fietsen means to cycle in Dutch). Over 600 km of signposted routes forming the county’s cycle tour, the Grafschfter Fietsentour, you will become well acquainted with Bentheim County. For example, heading out of Nordhorn you can pay a visit to the mighty sand castle “Sandsteinburg” in the beautiful spa of Bad Bentheim.


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