The Mecklenburg Lake District

The northern part of the Mecklenburg Lake District reaches as far as Lake Müritz, which is Germany’s largest lake and is surrounded by thousands of other smaller lakes. The regional capital, Schwerin, can even be reached by going through numerous locks along the Müritz-Elbe Canal, which also connects to the Elbe taking you as far as Hamburg. The most famous and largest attraction of the Mecklenburg Lake District is Lake Müritz, shimmering right in the heart of the area. The Lake District is suited to every type of water sports. The interlinked rivers and lakes are great for various trips on cruisers and barges. What’s special about this area is that around 600 km of the overall 2,500 km of water can be navigated even without a permit. Therefore, anyone can rent a houseboat and, after a short briefing session, lift the anchor and sail away.

The large lakes are well suited to sailing, surfing, skin diving, and canoeing. All along the protected areas and narrow rivers canoeists can enjoy pure and tranquil nature on the waterways.

The “Amazon of the North”, the Peene River, is a particularly great place for canoeing. In 2010 the river was designated as a sustainable and excellent destination within the European Union and granted the EDEN award.

The Mecklenburg Lake District invites you to discover its many castles, manors and estates that provide more cultural expeditions into the history of the area. The capital Schwerin where you can find the “Nordschwanstein of the North” and Ludwigslust where the so-called “Small Versailles” is located are particularly noteworthy excursions. For nature lovers the Müritz National Park (a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its beech forests in Serrahn), the Nossentiner Schwinzer Heide Nature Reserve and Feldberger Seelandschaft, which also forms part of a nature reserve, are all accessible by land and worth a trip.