Lake District - 5,000 lakes from Mecklenburg to Berlin

Around 5,000 lakes sparkle in the Lake District which constitutes a “Blue Paradise” in the German Federal States of Brandenburg/Berlin and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. This is virtually half of all standing waters in Germany. As rivers and canals connect many of the lakes, the sprawling landscape is Europe’s largest network of inland water. To the north, the Mecklenburg Lake District extends to the Müritz, Germany’s largest inland lake. Schwerin, the capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern can be reached by means of the numerous locks located along the Müritz-Elbe waterway. From here, access to the river Elbe which leads to Hamburg is possible. Berlin is located on the southern edge of the Lake District, and from here waterways lead to the largest lakes in the Federal State of Brandenburg, namely Scharmützelsee and Werbellinsee.
The Lake District is ideal for all types of water sports. Skippers of cruisers and houseboats have a large choice of tours on the interlinked rivers and lakes. The large lakes are perfect for sailing, surfing, skin diving and canoeing. Canoeists, in particular, find relaxation in the peaceful and pure nature along the narrow rivers and conservation areas.
The three to four week tour from Berlin via the Mecklenburg Lake District to Schwerin and then back to Berlin along the Elbe and Havel Rivers to Potsdam is particularly recommended for skippers of motorboats with plenty of time. The Mecklenburg Lake District has many marinas and places with service partners within close proximity such as workshops, rental stations, as well as schools for learning different water sports.

Boathouses in Mirow - (c) TMV, Foto: Agentur Waterkant

Around 5,000 lakes sparkle in the Lake District situated in the "Blue Paradise" of Brandenburg/Berlin and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. This constitutes virtually half of all inland waters Germany. The largest and most well-known lake, the Müritz, glimmers in the midst of the Mecklenburg Lake District.

Harbor in 'Plau am See' - (c) TMV

The water sport region of Oder-Havel stretches across the north and north east of Brandenburg, encompassing Ruppiner Seenland, Uckermark and Barnim and forms part of the "Blue Paradise", which is connected directly with the Mecklenburg inland waters.


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