Water sports against a splendid natural backdrop

Lake Constance, the second largest lake in Europe, is fed in the East by the Rhine and forms two bays in the West: the long ▄berlinger See and the three-branched bay formed by Gnadensee, Zeller See and Untersee with Reichenau Island. The Rhine flows into Untersee through the town of Constance and leaves Untersee at its western end on its way to the waterfalls in Schaffhausen.

With a total surface of 536 square kilometres Lake Constance is the second largest inland lake in Western Europe – and is not only a paradise for bathers but also for water sport enthusiasts. Everyone - whether sailors, windsurfers, canoeists or water-skiers - will get their money’s worth here and, furthermore, enjoy the unique natural Alpine scenery. The shallow shores (so-called slip-off banks) and the hilly backcountry with its picturesque towns invite you to come ashore and do some extensive exploration.

Its special characteristic: three countries border on Lake Constance – Germany, Switzerland and Austria. All around the lake in the numerous nature reserves botanical rarities can be found and a total of about 400 species of birds. Lake Constance with its 259-kilometre-long shoreline is also an excellent area for canoe trips of one or more days. Skin divers are faced with a special challenge due to the depth of the lake – about 90 metres on the average –, the low water temperatures and the traffic on the water.



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