Wismar & the Bay of Mecklenburg

Grosssegel der Atalanta - (c) Alexander Balow(c) Alexander Balow

The Bay of Mecklenburg is a surfing and sailing area rich in variety with long, sandy beaches, tranquil bays and cliffs lining the coast. Here the pristine nature of the long stretches of beaches attract people as much as excellent infrastructure elsewhere.
The Island of Poel is a popular starting point for skippers and nature lovers. Small, but exceptionally cosy and romantic harbours offer a wonderful backdrop to every trip on the Baltic Sea. And not overlooking the connection between Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, a detour to Poel should always be included in your itinerary.
Wismar, a Hanseatic city in the Bay of Mecklenburg, offers not only great infrastructure for skippers and sports boats. Wismar is also a hot tip for a little break from excursions out to sea with its impressive architecture and various other points of interest. Large, historic sailing ships are anchored in Wismar that provide an exciting view or visit for interested sailors.


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