Usedom & Szczecin Haff

Ahlbeck/ Usedom - (c) UTG, Fotograf Olaf Kowitz(c) UTG, Fotograf Olaf Kowitz

The Island of Usedom and the Szczecin Haff form the sunniest region of Germany. Here you can enjoy 42 km of sandy beaches and a delightful combination of open seas and protected waters such as the Szczecin Haff and Achterwasser.The Szczecin Haff connects Germany with Poland.
The name Usedom is closely associated with the architecture of imperial seaside resorts. A walk through Heringsdorf or Ahlbeck brings to life historical scenes of both of these seaside resorts. But Usedom has more to offer, especially where activities on, in or around the water are concerned. There are numerous possibilities to learn the basics of water sports in specially designated schools. Those at a more advanced level will also find this a great place. Incidentally, Usedom is also a super departure point for sailing out into the Baltic Sea.


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