Schwentine - on the "Holy River" through Holstein's Switzerland

Green everywhere you look. Heavenly peace, only disturbed by the splashing of paddles coursing through the water. Here you can experience nature in a pure and idyllic way through river tourism on the Schwentine in Holstein’s Switzerland. The “Holy River”, as it is translated from its Slavic name, is around 50 km long. It meanders its way down from the Großer Eutiner See in Eutin through 17 lakes, villages and towns, along beautiful gardens, houses and villas, all the way to the Neumühlen-Dietrichsdorf just before the city of Kiel. Bright light breaks gently through the top of old, protruding deciduous trees forming a protective roof and casting shadows all around. Sun worshipers feel right at home on the large lakes. This distance can be covered in four days or during a week’s paddle trip if you like.

  • Eutin (castle)
  • Plön Lake
  • Plön (castle)
  • Kiel
  • The Baltic Sea


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