Rügen, Stralsund & Greifswald Bodden

Stones at the beach (Rügen) - (c) TMV, Foto: Messerschmidt(c) TMV, Foto: Messerschmidt

The Island of Rügen with its rugged coast, endless sandy beaches, chalk rocks and bays as well as the Island of Hiddensee are inviting. Huge protected area such as the Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft National Park, the Jasmund National Park and a biosphere reserve in south east Rügen belong to this area. Rügen has a unique, almost magical charm about it and amazes water tourists in particular again and again. Whether skin diving, sailing or taking a trip on a cruiser across the Baltic Sea, you will find that Rügen caters to all tastes. Rügen is also a great place for trend sports and you can take advantage of the perfect conditions there to learn kite flying, for example.
If you are interested in trying out sports boats, Stralsund is an ideal point of departure or destination. Due to its central location and impressive historical old town, Stralsund also has something to offer on land, creating a holiday experience full of variety.
The Greifswald Bodden is still something of an insider’s tip when considering water-based activities. The untouched, pristine and wild nature of this area stimulates the desire to discover its charm.


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