Rostock & Warnemünde - ideal sailing conditions

Sailing at Baltic Sea (Rostock) - (c) TMV, Fotograf Rene Legrand(c) TMV, Fotograf Rene Legrand

This almost straight coastline offers ideal current and wind conditions and safe water depths in and around the Rostock and Warnemünde area. Water sports enthusiasts find unlimited possibilities: whether you’re just starting out or fancy yourself as a professional, here you can sail, surf, water ski and skin dive. The Warnemünder Woche and Hanse-Sail are annual events and regional highlights. However, there’s yet more to discover on land: seaside resorts such as Heiligendamm and Graal-Müritz or the idyllic Rostocker Heide - all rich in tradition and can be discovered along the signposted footpaths. You can also get to Rostock by canoe or kayak. On the Warnow River you can observe untouched nature and native animal species from your boat.

  • Hanseatic city of Rostock
  • Hanse Sail
  • Warnemünder Woche
  • Warnemünde Lighthouse
  • Heimatmuseum Warnemünde
  • Kleine Komödie
  • Hohe Düne yacht harbour
  • Simulation Centre for ship operations
  • Heiligendamm seaside resort
  • Graal-Müritz seaside resort


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