Fischland-Dar▀-Zingst - Round and about the Boddens and the coast

Typical traditional sailboats - (c) TMV(c) TMV

Around 60 km of coastline along the wild and romantic Fischland-Dar▀-Zingst peninsula offers endless sandy beaches, rugged cliffs and wide-ranging bays and windy mudflats. Large areas of the peninsula are subject to the protection of the 805 km² Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft National Park. Here you can experience unspoilt and pristine nature. Sailors and surfers will find a challenging area on the outer coast, and skippers and water hikers are particularly fond of the bays. Holidaymakers can enjoy the white beaches and the warm sun on their skin with fine sand underneath their feet. If you’re searching for stress-free recreation, you can take advantage of the purifying sand peeling treatments, relaxing massages and other treatments in the numerous wellness hotels and let yourself be pampered.

  • Graal-MŘritz (Baltic seaside resort)
  • Dierhagen (Baltic seaside resort)
  • Wustrow (Baltic seaside resort)
  • Ahrenshoop (Baltic seaside resort)
  • Prerow (Baltic seaside resort)
  • Zingst (Baltic seaside resort)
  • Dar▀er Arche
  • Aquadrome
  • Rhododendron park in Graal-MŘritz
  • Dar▀ Museum in Prerow
  • Dar▀ Amber Museum
  • NATUREUM Dar▀er Ort (linked to the maritime museum in Stralsund)
  • Dar▀ Festival


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