The Baltic Coast - numerous opportunities for beginners and experienced sailors alike

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has a 1,943 km coastline comprising the Baltic coast, as well as stretches of coast along the Haff and the Bodden. The diverse coastlines of north east Germany with wooded chalk cliffs, the brickwork architectureof the maritime cities, fine, sandy beaches along the Bodden waters where reeds and other flora provide a perfect habitat for animals offer the right mix for all lovers of nature.

On the Baltic Coast between the Bay of Mecklenburg and the Island of Usedom there are over 18,000 public mooring sites, the largest of which are Hohe Düne in Rostock-Warnemünde, the harbour in Kühlungsborn as well as the Weiße Wiek in Boltenhagen. You don’t have to own your own boat to travel here, as all along the coast there are many places to charter boats. Well-equipped yachts and cruisers as well as barges and sea kayaks available to rent.

The area offers various opportunities for water sports enthusiasts of all abilities. Beginners and hobby boat enthusiasts make do in the protected waters of the Bodden and Haff whereas dyed-in-the-wool sea captains seek the open sea.

Along the entire coastline there are numerous marinas and service partners such as workshops, rental stations and schools for different sorts of water sports.

The summer season sees the start of many on-land events. The Hanse Sail event in Rostock on the second weekend of August, the Schwedenfest in the Hanseatic city of Wismar and many more regattas and harbour events are very popular with sailors and landlubbers alike.

At the banks (Darss) - (c) TMV, Fotograf Thomas Grundner

The wildly romantic peninsula of Fischland-Darß-Zingst offers endless sandy beaches, steep banks, Boddens, unspoilt and pristine nature and windy mudflats. Here you can sail, surf and do water hiking.

Sailing at Baltic Sea (Rostock) - (c) TMV, Fotograf Rene Legrand

Ideal current and wind conditions and safe water depths define the character of this sailing area around Rostock and Warnemünde. Water sports enthusiasts find a world of unlimited possibilities: whether you're just starting out or fancy yourself as a professional, here you can sail, surf, waterski and skin dive.

Famous view of Rügen - (c) TMV, Fotograf Frank Neumann

The Island of Rügen with its heavily dissected coast, endless sandy beaches, chalk rocks and bays as well as the Island of Hiddensee are inviting. Huge protected areas such as the Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft National Park, the Jasmund National Park and a biosphere reserve in south east Rügen belong to this area.

kanufahrer-holsteinische-schweiz -

Experience nature in a pure and idyllic way through river tourism on the Schwentine River in Holstein's Switzerland. The Slavic name of this river means "Holy River". There is green wherever you look. Heavenly peace is only ever disturbed by the splashing from paddles coursing through the water.

Ahlbeck/ Usedom - (c) UTG, Fotograf Olaf Kowitz

This is Germany's sunniest region and has 42 km of sandy beaches and a charming combination of open sea and protected waters such as the Szczecin Haff and Achterwasser. The Szczecin Haff links Germany to Poland.

Port of Wismar - (c) TMV, Fotograf Thomas Kliem

The Bay of Mecklenburg is a surfing and sailing area rich in variety with long, sandy beaches, tranquil bays and cliffs lining the coast Here the pristine nature of the long stretches of beaches here attract people as much as excellent infrastructure elsewhere.

In addition to events around and in the water, culture, nature and the many destinations for excursions are also interesting attractions. Local festivals such as the one for Störtebeker on the Island of Rügen, the Vineta Theatre Festival on Usedom and many, many more always attract the masses. National parks, such as the one in Jasmund with its UNESCO World Heritage Site beech forests, as well as protected areas of natural beauty incite people to discover the region on foot and by bicycle. The sophisticated seaside resorts and the medieval Hanseatic cities are also simply a must.

  • Störtebeker Festival
  • Vineta Theatre Festival
  • Jasmund National Park
  • Hanseatic city of Stralsund
  • Hanseatic city of Wismar
  • Binz (seaside resort on the Baltic Coast)


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