Rental conditions

More and more canoeists use the services of professional canoe rentals and canoe tour operators. When you rent a canoe, you take over the canoe and, after extensive instructions given by your renter, you start paddling - at your own risk. No other services are included.

Canoe tour operators, however, do offer other tourist services in addition to rental, e.g. tour guidance, transfer of persons, tour organisation and overnight stays or even an all inclusive package tour. Some also offer barbecues, archery, bicycle rental, city tours and much more.


Please book your tour in due time. Short-term reservations are often impossible, especially for larger groups or on popular waters. 


Insist on making a contract or getting a written booking confirmation when booking a trip. The most important details including all services as well as the conditions for cancellation and liability issues should be part of the contract or the written confirmation.

Quality and environment label in canoe tourism

The quality and environment label is an approved standard in canoe tourism. The companies awarded with this label meet all the requirements in this sector concerning quality, environment and safety.

Instructions and information

Your canoe renter should give you instructions on all canoeing techniques, local conditions and landscape characteristics. You should also ask for waterway information, mooring and resting places as well as for options for overnight stops.

Transfer of persons

Prior to booking the transfer for persons by a canoe rental company, you should inquire whether that company is officially registered for the transfer of persons. If that is not the case, free transfer of persons may result in liability problems in case of damage.


Ask your canoe renter/tour operator if he has taken out liability insurance and insolvency insurance. For your own safety, travel cancellation insurance may also be a good thing to have.

Complete equipment

The following equipment should be included in the total price: canoe, paddle, rope, life jackets matching your height and weight, watertight containers and waterway information including the route.

Child on board

Children have a lot of fun on the water,too, if they are equipped with special well-fit life jackets for children, a small paddle, sun protection and enough to drink.


Owing to various product innovations, it is also easy for older people to discover the world of paddling. Please ask your canoe dealer or operator for further information.


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