Information material

A river or waterway map should always be included in a canoe tour. It should provide information on mooring possibilities, places for rests and overnight stays as well as the presence of special nature conservation areas, interesting sights, restaurants, etc. 


Paddling is fun in any weather. Protect yourself against cold and wet weather by wearing water and wind tight jackets with hoods. When the sun shines, the intensity of its rays is often underestimated as it seems to be comfortably cool on the water. Your head should be covered to protect against exposure to the strong sunlight. Shoes should be sufficiently tight. The best shoes to wear would be lace-up shoes, sneakers or special paddle shoes. You should always bring some spare clothes along.


We recommend watertight buckets or bags to store your clothes in - your tour operator usually provides them. However, tour operators will not guarantee that everything stays dry.

Life jacket

A life jacket should not only be available in the boat, it should always be worn - so your hands will be free to help yourself and others, in case the boat should capsize. Life jackets can save lives!

Boat carts

Along some rivers a boat cart is required to transport your boat around longer obstacles. Ask your tour operator before the trip.


Perhaps you do not even need your own car and can use public transport to get to the starting point of your journey. Often railways run along the rivers and take you comfortably back to the starting point of your trip. If you book a trip with a canoe operator, ask for return travel possibilities.


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