Canoeing is the ideal sport for active recreation combining movement with the wonders of nature. With the paddle in your hand you have the time to discover virgin rivers, lakes and coastal areas from the unusual perspective right above the water level. Time to breathe, relax and enjoy. There are individual and guided tours for different levels of difficulty depending on the speed of the water and your own skills: beginners, advanced learners and professionals, from slowly flowing shallow waters to white-water rapids.

Germany has a total waterway network of about 40,000 km in length with about 20,500 km being accessible for canoeists all year round. The “shallow North with character” infatuates canoeists with its numerous lakes and quietly flowing waters. The heart of Germany fascinates -“from industrial culture to a lake landscape”- with magical and romantic river valleys. “Between traditions and mountains” is the call of the south for a paddle adventure in Southern Germany with completely different types of rivers.

Those who do not want to immediately spend several days on the water may combine the canoe trip with a bicycle tour, a rail trolley trip or a coach ride and discover the countless sites of natural beauty and the places of cultural interest of the on land regions. Good cycle paths run along the banks of many of the rivers. Discover Germany from a totally new perspective - by canoe, alone or accompanied by professional canoe guides, on one day trips or a longer canoeing holiday.

Rental conditions

More and more canoeists use the services of professional canoe rentals and canoe tour operators. When you rent a canoe, you take over the canoe and, after extensive instructions given by your renter, you start paddling - at your own risk. No other services are included. Read more about it.

Environmentally-friendly paddling

Gliding on one of the numerous local waters, being charmed by the constantly changing landscapes, enjoying the silence – this is a dream that more and more people make come true. To ensure that this dream will still be there tomorrow, all canoe enthusiasts should observe a few rules. Read more about it.

Prepare your trip

A river or waterway map should always be included in a canoe tour. It should provide information on mooring possibilities, places for rests and overnight stays as well as the presence of special nature conservation areas, interesting sights, restaurants, etc. What else do you need? Read more about it.

Canoe, Canadian canoe or kayak?

Canoe is the general term for all boats without fixed oars, including Canadian canoes and kayaks. The Canadian canoe is particularly appropriate for water hiking with several persons and a lot of luggage. The canoe as such looks back on a long history, characterised by the living conditions of its inventors. Read more about it.

A wide spectrum of water sports activities in partially almost untouched nature opens up along the Baltic coast from Usedom to Schleswig-Holstein.

Lake Constance is a paradise for all water sports lovers. They will all have the time of their lives here and also be able to enjoy the stunning Alpine scenery.

Unspoilt and pristine nature - (c) TMV

About 5,000 lakes sparkle in the Lake District in the blue paradise of Brandenburg/Berlin and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. And because many of the lakes are interconnected by rivers and canals, this extensive scenic splendour makes it Europe?s largest waterway network.

Buggy kiting at the North Sea -

Water sports enthusiasts will find ideal conditions on the North Sea coast of Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein. A surging swell ideal for surfers and diverse landscapes to explore.

The River Elbe and its tributaries are challenging territory due to the partly rather strong current. On the other hand, this furnishes a multitude of water sports options.

The Rhine is one of the longest and most significant rivers in Germany. Its vineyards, its romanticism and the Rhineland lifestyle are well known. After all, a unique culture has developed along its banks and in its valleys over the centuries.

The River Weser originates at Hannoversch-Münden where the Werra and Fulda meet. The River Weser is the only German river that does not flow through any other country. Without its headstreams it is 440 kilometres long and is navigable along its entire length.

Manifold opportunities open up for water sports enthusiasts in the South of Germany: Canoe and boat tours, canyoning and bathing, and even surf and sailing districts are all available on the large lakes and rivers.

Numerous bathing lakes with excellent water quality and a unique lagoon landscape characterise the Spreewald water sports region.


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