Environmentally-friendly paddling

Gliding on one of the numerous local waters, being charmed by the constantly changing landscapes, enjoying the silence – this is a dream that more and more people make come true. To ensure that this dream will still be there tomorrow, all canoe enthusiasts should observe a few rules.

Many waters are marked as protected areas with certain access restrictions or rules. When planning your canoe trip, you should get all the information on possible regulations, e.g. on the website of the Deutsche Kanuverband (DKV) or at the Land authorities for nature conservation.

Sufficient water level

You should not start your tour when the water level is very low. That way, you will protect the life on the bed of the river or lake. When the water level is extremely high, you should not start your tour either for your own safety.

Entering/leaving the canoe

To get into and out of the canoes, please use the designated places only. Please take your short breaks at designated resting places only and spend the nights in places designated for overnight stays.

Avoid damage to the banks/shores

River banks, lake shores, reed area and river meadow forests with an abundant weed layer should not be accessed by boat. Reed, floating-leaf plants (e.g. water lilies), overgrown shores, riverbanks and shallow waters are not only the home of some endangered plant species, but also the breeding and rearing grounds of many animals, especially birds. Observe the animals from a greater distance, without disturbing them or chasing them away.

There is no place for garbage in nature!

Always dispose your garbage in the designated areas. Even organic waste is not as unproblematic as it seems because it promotes algae growth. Take a garbage bag on board that can be disposed of at home later on.

Enjoy the silence and solitude

Show consideration for other visitors of the water. Avoid noise and do not push or force your way. Also pay attention to fishermen and swimmers. By behaving in a disciplined and circumspect way, you will ensure that everybody enjoys the trip to and on the water.


For your own safety you should always get information on potential dangers in unknown waters prior to the start of your tour to be able to react in an adequate way. Make sure that all paddlers wear their life jackets and do not continue your trip when it gets dark or in thunderstorms. Please do not drink any alcohol before or during the trip – rather look forward to a cold beer afterwards!


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